Tomasz Ciborski

Personal summary

I am a 28–year–old professional, with 10 years of programming and tech experience. I am looking for opportunities to solve today’s world problems using modern techniques. I would like to work in a team of strongly focused professionals or build one from scratch. I am particularly interested in designing and implementing reliable and scalable systems using proven and well known technologies. I believe in the approach of using simple blocks to compose a complex system. I am mobile and happy to relocate.

Areas of competence

My experience ranges from building basic blocks of SaaS company to operations on C–level in a mid–sized business. My tech skill set covers linux server administration, NoSQL databases, programming in today’s most popular frameworks and team management. I am a big promoter of SaaS model, SCRUM methodology, iterative approach, SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI, divide and conquer and functional programming. I also had multiple opportunities to work with enterprise regulation requirements such as GDPR and others.


Heraldbee – Jan 2019 – now –

Full–stack programming, later, team building for a SaaS startup to drive sales for small to medium e–commerce shops such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

TimeCamp – Sept 2014 – Oct 2018 –

I scaled the company SaaS wise and technology–wise from 50 paying companies to over 2000 in 4 years. I took major part in team assembly, training and nurturing. At peak, I was managing 2 SCRUM teams of 6 people each. TimeCamp went through major reorganization due to my input. The company is going to IPO in 2019. Tech: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Angular 1, nginx, docker and others

HeySpace – R&D project in TimeCamp,

I am the inventor behind the idea of combining Trello and Slack. I Assembled the team and delivered the project within 2 months. It Has 200 daily online users at peak and is steadily rising. Tech: React, Redux, Node, docker and others

TimeCamp 3 – failed rewrite of TimeCamp to highly scalable architecture

The project failed because of constant requirement changes, inflated scalability requirements and lack of proper project management. I learned on what not to do when rewriting large codebases. The project also showed me how poor management may lead to never–ending development and “CV–building”. Tech: NoSQL, Couchbase, Sync Gateway, PouchDb, Blip, PHP, docker–swarm

Other projects


University of Manchester, UK – 2011 to 2015 – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – BEng with honors

Wroclaw University of Technology, PL – 2010 to 2011 – Computer Science – dropped out

Tag list: ASP.NET, AWS EC2, Apache CouchDB, BeautifulSoup, C#, Couchbase, DBase, DNS, Debian, Django, Firebase, Google APIs, IIS, Labview, MS SQL, MVC, MariaDb, MiFare, MongoDB, MultiSim, MySQL, OpenWrt, PostgreSQL, PouchDb, RFID, Raspberry Pi, React, React, Redis, Redux, RegExp, Reverse Engineering, SQLCompact, SQLite, SSL certificates, SolidWorks, Ubuntu, Visual Studio, Vultr, Wordpress, agile, ansible, apache thrift, applescript, bash, beanstalkd, blip, bootstrap, collectd, cygwin, dBASE, dnsmasq, docker, docker–compose, docker–swarm, grafana, ip, iptables, jQuery, jekyll, jenkins, kernel compilation, let's encrypt, libfreefare, linux, macOS, mailserver, nginx, nmap, ollydbg, openvpn, oxyplot, pandas, product owner, rattic, route, routing, scrum, sequelize, ssh, sshfs, vim, vnc, vps, windows